We are thrilled to announce that the World Economic Forum has selected Captura as one of its 2024 Technology Pioneers. This prestigious recognition highlights our innovative approach to combating climate change through Direct Ocean Capture technology and our rapid progress in scaling and commercializing our solution. 

The Technology Pioneer community comprises early to growth-stage start-ups from around the world involved in developing and deploying new technologies and innovations. Each year, the World Economic Forum selects 100 companies to join the select community and work with society’s foremost political, business, and cultural leaders to address issues facing people and the planet. 

The World Economic Forum’s Technology Pioneers are selected based on their innovative solutions, potential for long-term societal impact, and exceptional leadership. This year’s cohort includes start-ups from 23 countries, all of which have made significant technological breakthroughs and are now on explosive growth trajectories. Being selected in this year’s cohort places Captura among some of the most promising tech startups working to address the world’s pressing challenges across various industries, including nuclear fusion, biotechnology, quantum, AI, and climate.   

As part of Captura’s selection of the Technology Pioneers, CEO Steve Oldham will be invited to contribute to key Forum initiatives over the next two years, such as attending global meetings, workshops, and events. Captura is also invited to work within the Forum’s Centre for Nature and Climate, a multistakeholder platform dedicated to protecting our environment and fostering sustainable practices. The Centre’s goals include creating a space that engages, supports, and collaborates with a diverse network of stakeholders to drive climate action, catalyze industry and economic transformation, and achieve a net-zero future with significant societal benefits. 

Verena Kuhn, Head of Innovator Communities World Economic Forum, said, “The World Economic Forum is excited to welcome Captura to this year’s cohort of Technology Pioneers. Their Direct Ocean Capture process is an example of an innovative technology, and the company itself shows a strong commitment to sustainability and climate action. We look forward to seeing how their contributions will advance our global efforts towards achieving net-zero emissions and fostering sustainable practices within our Centre for Nature and Climate.” 

The full list of 2024 Technology pioneers can be found here.  

Captura is incredibly honored to receive this recognition. To learn more about our work, watch our company video here, and follow us on our social media channels to discover more about our progress and upcoming initiatives. If you have not already, sign up for the Captura Current: A Quarterly Direct Ocean Capture Digest here

  • Building on its success as one of 15 teams awarded a US$1M Milestone Award by XPRIZE and the Musk Foundation, Captura is now working toward the US$50M grand prize to be awarded in 2025
  • This follows recent commercial progress made by the company, including the close of a US$45.3M Series A financing – one of the largest Series A rounds into a carbon removal company

LOS ANGELES (May 8th, 2024) — Today, XPRIZE Carbon Removal announced the top 20 finalists in its US$100 million global competition, with Captura named among the successful companies. With more than 1,300 teams from 88 countries competing, this cohort of top 20 innovators represent some of the most promising carbon removal solutions on the planet. Captura’s inclusion on the list – one of only four ocean-based solutions – highlights the great potential of its Direct Ocean Capture (DOC) technology to remove carbon dioxide (CO2) from the atmosphere via the ocean at a climate-relevant scale.

XPRIZE Carbon Removal is a four-year competition to find scalable solutions that can capture CO2 directly from the atmosphere or oceans and sequester it durably and sustainably. Teams were evaluated across three key areas – operations, sustainability, and cost. To win the US$50 million grand prize, teams must demonstrate their ability to execute a substantial demonstration that approaches the competition’s goal of removing 1,000 net tonnes of CO2 in the final year of the competition, and a viable pathway to reaching megatonne scale in the coming years and eventually gigatonne scale with an understanding of their environmental and social impacts.

Captura’s advancement into the final stage of the XPRIZE Carbon Removal competition follows its previously granted US$1 million Milestone Award from XPRIZE and the Musk Foundation in April 2022, and underscores the company’s rapid progress in scaling its DOC technology. With the operational success of two pilot systems, a 1 -ton-per-year and 100-ton-per-year system at the Port of Los Angeles, Captura is now working with international energy company Equinor to build a 1000-ton-per-year DOC pilot plant in Karsto, Norway, slated to commence operations late this year.

Additionally, Captura recently closed its Series A financing round, amassing a total of US$45.3 million, one of the highest Series A closings for a carbon removal company. These commercial milestones, in conjunction with the recognition from the XPRIZE Carbon Removal judges, positions Captura to become a major player in the carbon removal field as it increases its focus on deploying large-scale, commercial plants in the near future.

This achievement also affirms Captura’s dedication to sustainable and responsible deployment – a key criteria for XPRIZE Carbon Removal. Captura’s DOC technology has been designed to be highly scalable and cost-effective, while leaving minimal to zero impacts on the marine ecosystem. The process adds nothing new to the ocean and leaves no by-products behind; it simply removes excess CO2 from the ocean that the atmosphere then replaces. Captura’s practices for ensuring its ocean operations are safe are outlined in the company’s publicly available Ocean Health & MRV Protocol.


Anousheh Ansari, CEO of XPRIZE said: “For the world to effectively address greenhouse gas emissions, carbon removal is an essential element of the path to Net Zero. There’s no way to reverse humanity’s impact on the climate without extracting carbon from our atmosphere and oceans. We need a range of bold, innovative CDR solutions to manage the vast quantities of CO2 released into our environment and impacting our planet. The teams that have been competing for this Prize are all part of building a set of robust and effective solutions and our 20 teams advancing to the final stage of XPRIZE Carbon Removal will have an opportunity to demonstrate their potential to have a significant impact on the climate.”

Nikki Batchelor, Executive Director of XPRIZE Carbon Removal said: “This cohort of exceptional teams represents a diversity of innovations and solutions across a range of CDR pathways, and shows the significant progress the industry is making in a short period of time. Over the past three years, this competition has helped accelerate the pace of technology development for a whole new industry of high-potential solutions aimed at reversing climate change.”

Steve Oldham, CEO of Captura said: “We are deeply honored to be counted among this distinguished list of top 20 finalists in the XPRIZE Carbon Removal competition. This is a remarkable recognition from XPRIZE Carbon Removal and the Musk Foundation of the hard work and dedication of our team in delivering a scalable, sustainable, and low-cost climate solution. The sheer scale of the climate challenge means we are going to need as many feasible tools as possible, and we thank XPRIZE Carbon Removal, and all our fellow innovators, for their continued efforts in driving this important industry forward.”   



XPRIZE is an established global leader in designing, launching, and executing large scale competitions to solve humanity’s greatest challenges. Our unique model democratizes innovation by incentivizing crowd-sourced, scientifically viable solutions to create a more equitable and abundant future for all. Donate, learn more or join a team at xprize.org

About Captura Corporation

Captura is a Direct Ocean Capture company headquartered in Pasadena, California. Captura combines innovative technology with the natural carbon removal powers of the ocean to remove CO2 from the atmosphere at large scale and low-cost, providing a critical capability in the fight against climate change. Captura was founded at Caltech and its solution has been validated and supported by the Musk Foundation’s Carbon Removal XPRIZE, the Department of Energy’s ARPA-E, and Frontier Climate. To learn more about Captura, our progress, and technology, watch our video below.

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This post can be found by following the link below:

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  • National Grid Partners and Japan Airlines Innovation Fund/Translink Capital join Captura as new investors in this latest raise  

LOS ANGELES (April 11th, 2024) — Today, Captura announced it had further expanded its Series A funding round leading to a total of US$45.3M. This expanded round underscores Captura’s momentum in scaling up and commercializing its Direct Ocean Capture (DOC) technology, a high-potential climate solution that harnesses the ocean’s natural role in carbon absorption. 

Captura welcomes National Grid Partners and Japan Airlines Innovation Fund/Translink Capital as new investors in the round, alongside a number of the company’s existing investors. This diverse and global team of investors are backing Captura’s unique DOC technology that has significant potential as a low-cost and highly scalable carbon removal solution.  

This latest increase in funding follows two recent, previously announced raises in January 2024 and January 2023 highlighting the rapid progress of Captura’s commercialization strategy. With two fully operational pilot plants in California and an upcoming pilot plant to be installed in Norway in late 2024 in partnership with Equinor its first commercial deployments that are expected to remove tens of thousands of tons of atmospheric carbon dioxide (CO2) annually.  

Captura’s DOC technology offers an approach to carbon removal that extracts CO2 directly from the ocean, thereby enhancing the ocean’s natural ability to absorb atmospheric CO2. The captured CO2 can then either be safely and securely stored to deliver carbon removal, or it can be used to produce sustainable products, such as low carbon intensity fuel. These fuels can be useful for the decarbonization of hard-to-abate transportation sectors such as aviation and shipping, where electrification is challenging.  

Captura’s process takes advantage of the ocean’s higher volumetric CO2 concentration compared to the air, offering an efficient method to tackle excess atmospheric CO2 Captura’s process uses no added absorbents, creates no by-products, and adds nothing new to the ocean – it simply removes excess CO2 that the atmosphere then replaces.  


Kristian Bodek, Director of Corporate Venture Capital of National Grid Partners said: “Investing in Captura’s Direct Ocean Capture technology aligns with National Grid’s strengths and aspirations in sea-based electric network development, along with our plan to achieve net zero GHG emissions by 2050. We are excited to be part of this journey and to support Captura in scaling its impactful solution.”   

Takao Suzuki, Executive Officer, Senior Vice President of Innovation at Japan Airlines said: “We have identified significant potential in Captura’s advanced Direct Ocean Capture (DOC) technology because their solution paves a new way for efficiently capturing CO2 while concurrently exploring alternative uses including e-fuels. We are pleased to work with Captura as they aim to contribute to society by tackling CO2 capturing and repurposing the earth’s environment through this innovative technology.” 

Steve Oldham, CEO of Captura said: “We are thrilled to welcome investments from National Grid Partners and Japan Airlines Innovation Fund/Translink Capital, as they join us and our leading team of investors. This infusion of capital not only further highlights the potential of our Direct Ocean Capture technology but also accelerates our march toward a market-ready solution. With these strategic investments, we bolster our mission to create sustainable change at a climate-relevant scale.” 


About National Grid Partners

National Grid Partners (NGP) is the venture investment and innovation arm of National Grid plc, one of the largest investor-owned energy companies in the world. NGP invests for strategic and financial impact and leads companywide disruptive innovation efforts. The organization provides a multi-functional approach to building startups, including innovation (new business creation), pathfinding and incubation, corporate venture capital, business development and venture acceleration. We also convene the NextGrid Alliance (www.ngalliance.energy), a network of senior executives from more than 100 worldwide utility companies. NGP is headquartered in Silicon Valley and has offices in Boston, London, and New York. Visit ngpartners.com or follow us at www.twitter.com/@ngpartners_ and www.linkedin.com/showcase/national-grid-partners.  

About Japan Airlines Innovation Fund and Translink Capital

Japan Airlines Innovation Fund is a strategic fund that has a structure of Translink Capital as a GP and Japan Airlines as an LP to push the innovation frontier of airlines business. 

Japan Airlines (JAL), Japan’s first private aviation company, was established in 1951 and is a member of the oneworld® Alliance. The airline operates a fleet of 227 aircraft (as of March, 2024) and began renewing its international long-haul aircraft with the Airbus A350-1000 starting 2023 Winter Schedule. Together with other JAL Group and partner airlines, JAL offers an extensive domestic and international network that serves 376 airports across 64 countries/regions. The airline is dedicated to ensuring the highest standards of flight safety and overall service quality, striving to be the most preferred airline by customers worldwide.  The JAL Group recognizes that action to address climate change is a particularly important issue for the sustainability of society, and in June 2020, the group announced its commitment to achieve net zero carbon emissions by 2050. 
For details and to learn more, visit JAL’s official website at https://www.jal.com/en/

Translink Capital invests mainly in early-stage startups across the globe that enable disruptive technologies and business models. Those startups can go through accelerated growth by benefiting from the firm’s long-standing relationships with leading global technology, Internet, electronics, telecommunications, financial services and mobility corporations based in Asia. 

About Captura Corporation

Captura is a Direct Ocean Capture company headquartered in Pasadena, California. Captura combines innovative technology with the natural carbon removal powers of the ocean to remove CO2 from the atmosphere at large scale and low-cost, providing a critical capability in the fight against climate change. Captura was founded at Caltech and its solution has been validated and supported by the Musk Foundation’s Carbon Removal XPRIZE, the Department of Energy’s ARPA-E, and Frontier Climate. For more information, visit www.capturacorp.com

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  • The raise is an expansion of Captura’s Series A funding and reflects the company’s growing momentum towards commercialization of its climate solution
  • Captura’s Direct Ocean Capture technology captures CO2 from the ocean, creating capacity for the ocean to draw down additional CO2 from the atmosphere
  • The captured CO2 can be permanently stored or turned into lower GHG emission fuel, providing a flexible and powerful tool to help hard-to-decarbonize sectors reach net zero

LOS ANGELES (January 22, 2024) — Today, Captura announced it expanded its Series A funding round to raise an additional US$21.5 million to commercialize its Direct Ocean Capture (DOC) technology that harnesses the power of the ocean to absorb carbon dioxide (CO2) from the atmosphere.

Maersk Growth, Eni Next, and EDP Ventures came aboard as new investors in the round, bringing expertise across shipping and logistics, energy, and utilities to Captura’s team. Many of Captura’s existing backers also re-invested, including Future Planet Capital who led the expanded round, Equinor Ventures, Freeflow Ventures, Hitachi Ventures, Aramco Ventures, mTerra Ventures, and EIC Rose Rock Venture Fund.

Captura raised an initial US$12M in January 2023 and increased its Series A financing to reflect growing momentum as the company progresses its technology pilot program and begins design work for commercial plants. Captura has two operational pilot plants in California and is developing its third in partnership with Equinor. This plant has a capture capacity of 1000 tons of CO2 annually and is planned to be installed in Norway in Fall, 2024. Following this pilot, Captura plans to move into large-scale commercial deployments with early plants capturing tens of thousands of tons of CO2 or more annually.

These plants will use Captura’s unique DOC technology that captures CO2 from the ocean so it can be permanently stored or turned into lower GHG emission fuel or other products. Removing CO2 from the ocean using DOC amplifies the ocean’s natural capability as a carbon sink, creating capacity for an additional drawdown of CO2 from the atmosphere.

The result of the process is removal of atmospheric CO2 via the ocean, without adding anything to the ocean. With CO2 roughly 150 times more concentrated volumetrically in the ocean compared to air, this provides an inherently scalable and efficient way to remove excess atmospheric CO2.

Maersk has a 2040 target of net zero greenhouse gas emissions and aims to transport a minimum of 25% of ocean cargo using green fuels by 2030. As part of these ambitious targets, Maersk Growth has committed to invest in and partner with a variety of green fuel and greenhouse gas reduction solutions.

“Maersk Growth is actively looking for promising startups in the Energy Transition space who can enable and accelerate the journey towards net-zero shipping and logistics,” says Ida Christine Brun, Head of External Innovation and Ecosystem Engagement at Maersk Growth. “Captura has developed a promising technology, and we are looking forward to joining forces with them.”

Eni Next, the corporate venture capital arm of Eni, invests in high-growth start-ups with the most innovative, disruptive and scalable technologies to accelerate the energy transition toward a zero-carbon future.

“Eni Next is looking for new technological solutions leading towards energy transition and Captura represents an example of an innovative company we aim to support. We believe that the Direct Ocean Capture (DOC) technology has the potential to provide a meaningful contribution to reach net zero” said Clara Andreoletti, President and CEO of Eni Next.

EDP have stated a commitment to have 100% renewables generation by 2030 and Net Zero emissions by 2040. With a goal to support and stimulate the open innovation process in the energy sector, EDP Ventures – as the strategic venture arm of EDP Group – invests in early-stage tech startups with the potential to impact the lives of millions of people.

“A greener, safer, and more sustainable world begins with unwavering commitments from those dedicated to leading the energy transition. EDP has pledged to achieve net-zero emissions by 2040 and we are thrilled to collaborate with Captura in their mission to scale carbon removal. It’s becoming increasingly important to include carbon removal technologies as a part of a net-zero strategy, and Captura stands out as the leading player in this promising field. At EDP Ventures, we are delighted to contribute to this transformative journey,” said Luís Manuel, Executive Board Member of EDP Innovation and Managing Partner at EDP Ventures.

“This past year, Captura has made remarkable strides on our path to commercialization,” said Steve Oldham, CEO of Captura. “As we work to advance both our technology and business, we’re thrilled to welcome investment from industry-leading companies like Maersk, Eni Next, and EDP, and to have the continued support of our existing investors. With our growing network of deployment partners and investors, and the success of our technology pilot program, Captura is now well-positioned to bring our technology to market and deliver climate solutions at meaningful scale.”


About Maersk Growth:

Maersk Growth is the global partner for external innovation at A.P. Moller – Maersk on a mission to digitise, democratise, and decarbonise supply chains, investing in and partnering with promising startups to support new business models and technologies.

About Eni Next:

Eni Next is Eni’s Corporate Venture Capital company, created to integrate corporate research, carried out by internal and external researchers and in joint projects with other partners, with open innovation, enhancing the value of dynamic and innovative start-ups through early-stage financing and successive capital increases.

In particular, Eni Next evaluates and invests in companies developing technologies with a lower carbon footprint for energy production, improved efficiency for industrial operations and digital solutions.

About EDP:

EDP is one of the largest renewable energy producers in the world, with a global and distinctive portfolio of assets across hydro, onshore wind and solar, as well as offshore wind. It started this journey 3 decades ago in Europe and has since then scaled up across 30 countries in North America, South America and APAC. The company is reimagining the energy sector and driving a massive acceleration to meet the urgent need for cleaner, more reliable, and affordable energy for all, leaving no one behind. That is why EDP has the ambitious commitment of investing more than €25 billion in the energy transition by 2026, as well as deploying 4.5GW/year of renewables between 2023-2026 and doubling its wind and solar installed capacity by 2026. Being the strategic venture capital arm of the group, EDP Ventures actively supports this green energy revolution.

About Captura:

Captura is a Direct Ocean Capture company headquartered in Pasadena, California. Captura combines innovative technology with the natural carbon removal powers of the ocean to remove CO2 from the atmosphere at large scale and low-cost, providing a critical capability in the fight against climate change. Captura was founded at Caltech and its solution has been validated and supported by the Musk Foundation’s Carbon Removal XPRIZE, the Department of Energy’s ARPA-E, and Frontier Climate. For more information, visit www.capturacorp.com.

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Captura Looks Back at 2023

As 2023 draws to a close, Captura reflects on a remarkable year of growth, strategic collaborations, partnerships, pilot expansions, and recognition for our pioneering efforts in ocean-based carbon removal technology. We are proud to end the year with a major milestone; our 100-ton-per-year ocean carbon removal system at AltaSea at the Port of Los Angeles is successfully operating end-to-end and capturing excess CO2 from the ocean. Using our Direct Ocean Capture (DOC) technology, this is our second operating pilot system! 

The success of our 100-ton-per-year system lays the groundwork for large-scale commercialization and highlights the rapid progress Captura is making toward being a global climate solution. We thank SoCalGas for the funding of our pilot– it has been instrumental to the success of our pilot program and our efforts to scale up our technology so it can make a meaningful impact on the climate challenge.

Strategic Partnerships and Global Expansion

As we continue to grow our company, a major highlight has been the announcement of new pilot plants in Quebec and Norway in 2024 through strategic partnerships. Next year, we’re working with Deep Sky to deploy a Captura pilot system in Canada, starting with a pilot demonstration in Eastern Quebec that can capture 100 tons of CO2 from the ocean annually. Our collective aim is to eventually build commercial facilities in Canada that capture between 100,000 and one million tons annually.

That’s not our only pilot expansion next year. Captura is partnering with Equinor, a major player in the energy and engineering sectors, to deploy a 1,000-ton-per-year plant in Norway that can potentially serve as a launchpad to build large-scale, commercial plants in key regions around the world. The CO2 captured at this pilot is planned for the commissioning of the Northern Lights facilities – the world’s first open-source CO2 transport and storage infrastructure. This will be the final system in Captura’s technology piloting program and positions Captura to rapidly scale DOC and meet the increasing demand for sustainable solutions.

Captura wishes to thank all our partners and vendors who work with us every day to develop and grow our business and technology.

MRV Milestones and Investor Confidence

Captura believes the ocean is our greatest ally against climate change—but only if we take care of it. In October, Captura released our Carbon Dioxide Removal Pathway, outlining our practices for both monitoring, reporting, and verification (MRV) and ensuring our ocean operations are safe for the marine ecosystem. This will be a living document where we’ll publish data and results from our pilot systems and testing work, marking a crucial step in promoting transparency and accountability. 

As part of a commitment to accountability, carbon credit suppliers collaboratively crafted the Reykjavik Protocol—a set of principles guiding responsible market entry. Captura proudly signed and supports these principles, standing alongside fellow innovators deploying technologies that harness natural processes to combat excess carbon in our environment. 

Early this year, Captura announced our US$12 million Series A financing round. This milestone not only injected essential capital into the company but also brought aboard a global cohort of strategic investors who bring key experience and expertise to help us scale and deploy our solution. 

Stay tuned for more major funding news in the new year!  

Internal Growth 

Captura experienced substantial internal growth, expanding our team, and almost tripling its size in less than a year! This expansion included new team members in our Engineering, Pilot plant, Oceanography and MRV, Electrodialysis, Communication, and Human Resources teams. 


Captura’s commitment to innovation and environmental stewardship did not go unnoticed, as Captura was named one of the most promising climate tech startups of 2023 by Business Insider, and one of the 10 most prominent ocean carbon removal companies by Carbon Herald. Our work in the carbon removal space also earned mentions in ReutersThe TimesThe VergeTime MagazineAxios and more. 

Government Recognition and Policy Advancements

2023 was a big year for climate policy momentum and support for carbon removal and ocean-based solutions. At COP28, we saw positive progress with new language agreed for the first time on the need to transition away from fossil fuels, and reference to the role of carbon removal. In the European Union (EU), the Carbon Removal Certification Framework has entered the final negotiation stage, a crucial last step toward adoption of this important framework to scale up, certify, and verify carbon removals in the EU.  

Closer to home, Captura was encouraged to see the U.S. government introduce the new Fast-Track Action Committee on Marine Carbon Dioxide Removal as part of its new Ocean Climate Action Plan – the first-ever, government-wide approach for leveraging the power of the ocean to combat climate change.  

We were also pleased to see the U.S. Department of Energy release details for its $35M Commercial CDR Purchase Prize in which it will directly procure carbon removal from solutions that “capture CO2 that is already in the atmosphere or upper hydrosphere”.  We support this “one-ecosytem” approach that reinforces the need for a portfolio of strategies from both land and sea because they so closely interact.

As 2023 ends, Captura recognizes that even with these positive developments, much more work is needed, and thank all those working hard to develop and grow climate policies and markets so we can collectively progress on our climate goals.

Looking Forward to 2024

As Captura concludes this transformative year, we remain steadfast in our commitment to advancing feasible, scalable solutions for carbon removal. The partnerships, investments, and achievements of 2023 position Captura as a high-potential solution to help combat climate change through our innovative DOC technology. With our technology piloting program rapidly progressing, and a growing number of global partners and investors joining our team, we are gearing up to be ready for commercial scale in the near future. As we eagerly anticipate the year ahead, Captura is poised to continue its impactful journey toward a more sustainable and net-zero future.

We hope you can follow along and remember to sign up to receive exciting updates and milestones from Captura in 2024!