A vast sea of potential

The negative emissions movement has just begun. More than 9,000 companies and 150 nations have committed to net zero — and that’s just the start.

Captura technology delivers a variety of climate solutions to help organizations meet critical targets. As we work with partners and customers to remove and reuse excess CO2 from the environment, our technology can make a profound impact on the climate challenge.

Carbon Dioxide Removal

Remove carbon. Heal the climate.

Fighting climate change isn’t only about what we do for tomorrow — it’s how we clean up our past. To secure a habitable future for generations to come, we need to both reduce emissions and remove gigatons of existing CO2 from the atmosphere.

Through Direct Ocean Capture, we remove CO2 from the upper ocean, enhancing the ocean’s capacity to draw more carbon from the air. Once captured, the CO2 is safely and securely stored, via solutions like geologic sequestration, so it can no longer contribute to climate change.

Reducing emissions and removing carbon go hand-in-hand. Carbon removal is a critical piece of the net zero toolkit, providing a solution to address unavoidable emissions. It also offers a way to remove emissions from the past, so we can heal the climate for future generations.

Carbon credits

Captura holds the highest standards for carbon removal credits.

  • Scalable

    With the ocean covering over two-thirds of the planet, our solution can supply large volumes of carbon removal, with no need for land or fresh water.

  • Permanent

    Captura partners with providers of long-lived CO2 storage to ensure the CO2 we capture is safely locked away for thousands of years.

  • Verifiable

    The exact amount of CO2 captured by Captura and stored by our partners is measurable and verifiable for high-quality carbon credits. Read our MRV standards

  • Affordable

    By harnessing the ocean’s natural cycles and leveraging existing infrastructure, we deliver high-integrity carbon removal at a low cost.

  • Safe

    Captura’s process is designed for optimal environmental protection and our work is driven by rigorous research and ecological diligence. Read our ocean health approach.

Sustainable Fuel and Products

Reuse carbon
for good.

Once excess carbon is removed from the ocean, it can be put toward a number of sustainable uses. In addition to storage, captured CO2 can be turned into sustainable fuel to power existing vehicles. For hard-to-decarbonize transport sectors such as aviation and shipping, this provides a drop-in ready alternative to fossil fuels, with a high energy density and low carbon footprint. Alternatively, CO2 can be turned into a range of low-carbon products such as plastics, chemicals and building materials.

Ocean Acidification Mitigation

Clean ocean.
Clean future.

Captura’s technology releases seawater back to the ocean depleted of CO2 and slightly less acidic. If deployed in semi-enclosed parts of the ocean, such as bays or inlets, the process can help counteract ocean acidification on a local level. For vulnerable parts of our ocean like coral reefs, and ocean-dependent communities like seafood farmers, our technology could help address this devastating impact of climate change.

Other Applications

across industries

Captura’s Direct Ocean Capture technology involves processes and equipment with applications across a range of other sectors. Our proprietary membranes and membrane stacks deliver significant cost and efficiency advantages for industries that use electrodialysis and gas separation technologies, such as desalination and water treatment, electrochemical industries and Direct Air Capture. We’re open to exploring collaborations across industries and ecosystems.