Harnessing the
ocean to heal
the climate

Captura technology provides a simple, streamlined process for large-scale Direct Ocean Capture of carbon.


A scalable
solution for
carbon removal

Our process uses renewable energy to remove CO2 from seawater and amplify the ocean’s natural removal of carbon from the atmosphere — all with no additives or by-products.

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Ocean Health

above all

It’s enormous, powerful, available — and it’s ours to care for. Captura’s system boosts natural cycles, while putting ocean health first.


Reverse the climate tide

The negative emissions movement has just begun. Captura’s Direct Ocean Capture method delivers a variety of climate solutions that remove and reuse excess CO2 from our environment.


Invented at Caltech. Backed by industry leaders.

With support from XPRIZE, Caltech, Frontier, the U.S. Department of Energy and more, we’re leading the way to a Net Zero future.

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