The ocean is the answer

Enormous, powerful, and readily available — the ocean is the ideal carbon removal engine. It operates in equilibrium with the atmosphere, drawing carbon out of the air to maintain a natural balance.

The ocean absorbs nearly one-third of our carbon emissions — but at great cost to itself. Captura has designed a solution to enhance this natural cycle while safeguarding the ocean’s health: removing excess CO2 from the upper ocean, so it can absorb more carbon from the air.

Our Direct Ocean Capture system runs with just two ingredients: seawater and renewable electricity. Using Captura’s proprietary membrane and electrodialysis technology, it extracts CO2 directly from seawater to be permanently stored or reused. Once the carbon is removed, the ocean naturally draws down CO2 from the atmosphere to rebalance.

How our Direct
Ocean Capture
system works


Simple, streamlined and scalable

  1. So simple, it scales

    To remove carbon at gigaton scale, we need to do so in a seamless way. Requiring no rare-Earth minerals and leaving no by-products behind, our streamlined process is designed for scale.

  2. Engineered for efficiency

    With only seawater and renewable electricity as inputs, and enabled by our ultra-efficient proprietary membranes, Captura systems are elegantly simple and highly effective.

  3. Lowering the cost for all

    The ocean is the greatest carbon removal mechanism on the planet, and amplifying its natural power allows for big impact at low cost.

  4. A measurable impact

    Captura systems capture a verifiable stream of CO2 to be permanently stored or reused. Learn about our monitoring, reporting & verification (MRV) approach here.

Ocean health

above all

The ocean is our greatest ally against climate change—but only if we take care of it. Captura’s system boosts natural cycles, while putting ocean health first. Our process requires zero additives, adds nothing to the ocean, and leaves no chemicals behind.

Our dedicated oceanography team continuously monitors our interaction with marine ecosystems to optimize our process to make a lasting, positive impact.

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The first wave of climate solutions

From inception in the labs of Caltech to a rigorous technology piloting program, Captura is scaling up Direct Ocean Capture to bring tangible benefits to our planet.

With three pilot systems of increasing capacity, our team is rapidly levelling up our technology to be market ready. Following this pilot program, Captura will move into large-scale commercial deployments with individual plants that range from tens of thousands to millions of tons of CO2 removed annually.


Our first pilot system operated at Caltech’s Kerckhoff Marine Laboratory in Newport Beach, CA.


Our second-generation system was installed at marine research facility AltaSea at the Port of L.A.


Our final pilot system will be deployed on the west coast of Norway in partnership with Equinor


Bring new life to existing structures

Our early commercial plan includes scalable deployments that leverage existing ocean infrastructure, such as desalination plants or utilities that use seawater for cooling. We can also co-locate our systems with retired oil & gas rigs, effectively repurposing fossil fuel infrastructure into next-generation carbon removal facilities.
Longer term, we envision megaton-scale standalone Captura platforms powered by offshore renewable energy to address carbon emissions across the globe.

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License our technology to build and operate plants around the world.

Sequester or utilize CO2

Partner with us to permanently store or reuse the CO2 we capture.

Invest in a clean future

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