Work With Captura

Partners: Building Out Our Technology

We are seeking partners interested in deploying our technology to supply the significant and growing demand for carbon removal necessary to tackle the climate crisis and meet net-zero goals. Captura aims to be a catalyst for global-scale atmospheric carbon removal through the implementation of our technology via rapid and widespread deployment. 

Our partners will license our technology to build and operate our plants. These plants will provide carbon credits for their carbon removal customers, taking advantage of federal carbon programs like the 45Q, or utilizing the captured CO2 in a variety of low carbon intensity products. 

Customers: Achieving Net Zero

Captura’s process produces high-quality carbon offsets: 

  • Permanence – through geological sequestration 
  • Minimal land-use impact – through use of the ocean 
  • Additionality – through physical removal of CO2 
  • Verifiability – measurable stream of CO2 
  • Social justice considerations – avoiding exacerbating existing vulnerabilities among historically disadvantaged communities 

As governments and organizations around the world look to achieve net zero, Captura is ready to supply high quality carbon offsets either directly or through our licensing partners. A high quality carbon offset can be used to eliminate any emission of any type, from anywhere, and from any moment in time. 

Alternatively, by drawing down emissions from the atmosphere, Captura’s process provides a source of CO2, which customers can use to make products with the lowest carbon footprint. 

Investors: Investing In The Future

With the growing awareness of the impact of climate change, governments and companies worldwide are committing to achieving Net Zero. These actions are creating a significant and growing market for climate technologies. Carbon removal provides a ubiquitous climate tool for CO2 emissions and Captura’s technology offers a competitive and scalable solution. 

For investors looking for an opportunity in the climate space, Captura is currently raising early-stage financing. Our business plan combines significant climate impact combined with attractive returns for investors. We seek investors committed to tackling the climate challenge and who can help our company scale to global deployment. 

Suppliers: Building the Infrastructure

With the huge anticipated demand for large-scale carbon removal, building the infrastructure for carbon removal will be one of the largest opportunities of the 21st century. Captura’s technology utilizes equipment common in many existing applications and also creates a market for several new pieces of equipment. 

We are seeking partners to work with us in designing, building, and operating the infrastructure needed to deploy Captura’s technology worldwide. 

Our initial demonstration plants provide the opportunity to work with Captura and develop a relationship which can last through the deployment of thousands of our plants.