Captura’s first Direct Ocean Capture pilot begins ocean trials

Captura is excited to be starting ocean trials of our carbon removal technology at Caltech’s Kerckhoff Marine Laboratories in Newport Beach, California. Following a proven end-to-end demonstration at Captura’s facility in Pasadena, we are thrilled to now be operating with a continuous flow of seawater. Capable of removing one ton of CO2 from the atmosphere per year, our first pilot is equipped with sensors and instruments to constantly monitor performance. This pilot system will help Captura continue to drive innovation in our mission to enable large-scale carbon removal via the world’s oceans. 

In parallel, Captura is now moving into the next phase of deployment with the assembly of our second pilot, which will have 100 times the capacity of our first. 

These pilot plants will serve as real-world demonstrations of the rapidly scalable and deployable potential of our Direct Ocean Capture technology. Using only seawater and renewable energy to power safe, permanent, and verifiable carbon removal, our unique approach enables high-quality carbon credits at an affordable price.